Beat Matching Like a Pro Joe Cooley Scratch The Crab Scratch
Matching the pitch control is the most important pieces of information/lessons on the basics of DJ'ing. This basic course will get you tearing up the decks in no time! Click Here To Watch The joe cooley scratch came about in the mid 80s by dj joe cooley. This is a staple scratch that you can always hear in so many dj sets. you know this scratch if youve listened to hiphop and some edm dj sets!! Click Here To Watch The crab scratch was in vented by dj qbert in 1995. its such a hot scratch. most DJs always want to know how to do it because of the way it sounds,sharp and fast. Click Here To Watch

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The Drop The Flare Scratch The Transformer Scratch
This is the godfather of all scratch technique. This is the first course you will take with spinlikeaboss for good reason. With this scratch, all the others will come naturally. Click Here To Watch This is the official course studying and learning the flare scratch and the application. The Flare Scratch was invented by dj flare in 1987. Its one of my favorites because of the sounds it makes are like pacman eating dots. Click Here To Watch The transformer scratch was invented by dj spinbad in the mid 80s, then immortalized by dj jazzy jeff on the 1987 "magnificent jazzy jeff ." This is a complete lesson on a very necessary weapon in your DJ arsenal that never seems to go out of style
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